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No Way Back

The start of the Arab appraisals in March 2011 changed everything for Syrians: instead of reforms and hope it brought along a never-ending devastating war that has caused the biggest humanitarian catastrophe in the human history. Approximately 6 million people have escaped from Syria, around 6 million are displaced inside Syria. Turkey has received around 3 million of the displaced and around 500 000 of them have found a home in Istanbul. We will tell the story of 3 people who escaped Aleppo, the biggest city in Syria, because of the fighting. 

Meet Marwa, Fuad and Hani, all of who have lived in Istanbul for almost 6 years. We will discover what it takes to start a life from the scratch, how to manage mentally and economically, what are the opportunities and dreams. The touching story opens the very intimate and personal perspective of those fleeing war.

Producers: Hille Hanso and Ene-Maris Tali
Director: Sander Allikmäe
Editor: Marika Kaasik

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