Rules of the song contest “EESTI LAUL 2017”

Here you can download ERR's song contest “EESTI LAUL 2017” participant's form. Every member of the participating group has to fill in the form individually.

2. Songs eligible for the contest

2.1 In order to be eligible for the song contest, the song has to adhere to the following:
2.1.1 its performance cannot be longer than three (3) minutes;
2.1.2 the song must have original (authentic) lyrics and music;
2.1.3 neither the lyrics nor the music of the song have been published (released, forwarded to the public, e.g publicly performed, relayed, made available to the public) before 1st of September 2016;
2.1.4 the song and its performance has to be in accordance with the law and/or good practice, and cannot have a negative impact on the song contest or the Eurovision Song Contest.

2.2 Performer(s) and performance(s) have to adhere to the following:
2.2.1 up to six (6) people are allowed onto the stage during the performance;
2.2.2 same soloist(s) has/ve to perform the song in pre-auditions and latter stages of the contest (see section 6);
2.2.3 all performers have to be born after 9th of May of 2001;
2.2.4 the song may not be performed by a person who is performing another country's entry for the Eurovision Song contest or is competing for that title.

3. Authors and performers

3.1 In general terms, authors, groups of authors and solo performers (hereinafter: author, authors, performer, performers) who are citizens of the Republic of Estonia, or non-natives who are residents of the Republic of Estonia for the purposes of the Income Tax Act, may participate in the song contest.

3.2. Non-native authors may be co-authors of a song, if at least half of the song’s authors are Estonian or Estonian residents. At least one author of the music has to be Estonian or Estonian resident.

3.3. ERR maintains the right to invite an artist to the contest's pre-audition. In that case, requirements stated in paragraph 3.2 do not apply on the authors of that artist's song.

3.4 One author or group of authors of music can participate in the contest with up to 3 (three) songs. This rule does not apply to songs that are created in the spring and fall of 2016 during the Academy of Eesti Laul. These songs can be submitted to the contest in addition to the three songs specified in this paragraph.

3.5 One single performer or a group of performers can submit up to three (3) songs.

4. Submission of songs

4.1 In order to compete in the song contest, the song has to be brought to the ERR's reception (address Gonsiori 27) by 1st of November 2016 the latest. Submissions are accepted until 15:00 (3 PM).

4.2 Together with each song, the participant(s) have to submit to ERR:
4.2.1 participant's form (as stated in the document “Rules of the song contest”), which has been completed and signed. The form has to be filled in by every author and performer individually. The form can be submitted either on paper or digitally (with a digital signature).
4.2.2 a high-quality phonogram of the song in either mp3 or WAV format on a memory stick. One memory stick may contain more than one song. In this case, the songs have to be unambiguously titled and clearly distinguishable, and respective participants' forms have to be filled in for each song. Song's instrumental phonogram does not have to be submitted;
4.2.3 song's lyrics (translation is required if the lyrics are not in Estonian) in text file or pdf file on a memory stick;
4.2.4 performer's short biography in text file or pdf file on a memory stick. The biography should describe performer's previous stage experience and television appearance;
4.2.4 performer's photograph(s) (up to 10 shots) on a memory stick.

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